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Balint Seeber discovered his passion for electronics at an early age. After initially not leaving home without a truckload of cables, blowing his house’s fuses and nearly electrocuting himself multiple times, he started building kits, homebrew contraptions and programming computers.

Recently he has found himself particularly stimulated by computer graphics and audio analysis (the two being the subject of his current PhD studies at the University of Sydney: how music can control the generation graphical content). In addition, he takes an interest in computer vision (his undergraduate thesis dealt with the real-time detection of commercials on television – for this he received first-class honours at the University of New South Wales in 2005 and was recently invited to a conference in the United States in 2007), distributed computing (he runs his own cluster at his private lab) and dynamic multimedia web services.

He has been contracted to help with larger projects, such as developing the distributed video streaming engine for UNSW/COFA iCinema’s T_Visionarium II in mid-2006. In his non-existent spare time he investigates his own research ideas (e.g.: a GPS-guided model racing car in 2004). He also enjoys working in video post-production and racing his mountain bike.

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