Level Editor

This is my first big MDI app, used to create 2D levels for our first assignment. The most excellent lecturer Tim Lambert gave everyone Java stubs to complete, but, being me, I kinda went overboard and wrote the whole thing from scratch for Windows. (~6000 lines of code in 3 + 1/2 days) Mind you, it's still not finished yet and there are some bugs (they become 'features' in the face of deadlines).

The images above link to the program, not the full-size screenshots. Please download it if you wish to test it out.

You can create the following entities: Terrains, Roads, Trees, Signs and Buildings, you can translate, rotate, scale, move control & pivot points, change widths, scale textures, flip the scene vertically & horizontally, adjust Z-ordering, apply any image as a texture, pan around the scene, snap-to-grid (no zoom yet), save & load and open multiple documents.

Level_Editor.zip234.22 KB