Site list

Having been shown where RF sites are, one can click on the 'List & search loaded sites' link in the search & navigation bar. This will display a modeless dialog that contains a list of all loaded sites. If any site link in the list is clicked, the map will move to that site and display its information window. To search within this list, simply type into the text box. The 'Visible only' check box will only show markers currently visible on the map in the site list. Switching this off will show all loaded sites (those visible, and those off-screen that you would have seen previous, for example before panning to the current view). The 'Auto-update' tells the dialog whether it should automatically update the list if you move the map (particularly handy if you only want to see visible sites).

Typing into the text box will only display matching sites in the current list. For example: a huge number of sites in the CBD is narrowed down to those on a light pole. Clicking a match pops open the site information and highlights the site: