Comparison to SBS-1

The aviation tracking system ("Modez") and an SBS-1 (thanks to Matt Robert) with its Base Station software were run side-by-side to undertake a rough performance comparison. For various technical notes on the SBS-1, including sampling the baseband output with an LFRX daughterboard, please see the page on my wiki. If you're interested in the photos of the major outdoor test where the SBS-1 was pitted against Modez, visit the album on my gallery.

Initially, this was done in the "RF quagmire" that is my "lab" - both antennas were placed right up against the window, although this doesn't help the fact neither see much of the sky. Here are some results:

  • QFA764 is heard by Modez, but not yet by the SBS-1 (it hasn't appeared on the Base Station's aircraft-with-position list):

  • Another example, VOZ873 has not yet shown up in Base Station's map (and Modez hasn't picked up the callsign of QFA459):

  • TGW6105 is shown by Modez, but not in the Base Station list: